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Blue Moon Hemp

Blue Moon Hemp Review

CBD is becoming really popular in the US, especially after the production of industrial became legal. CBD is extracted from both cannabis and industrial hemp.

There are now thousands of companies and individual sellers selling CBD across the US and beyond. Some sell excellent products and others sell overpriced trash. This review is of when of the most reputable CBD retailers, Blue Moon.

When did Blue Moon Hemp start trading?

Blue Moon Hemp was set up in 2015 and within 3 years they had already sold 1 million bottles of CBD oil. This oil is extracted from a single strain of industrial kemp exclusively grown in Kentucky. They use hemp and do not put anything artificial in their CBD oils.

Also in 2018, Blue Moon won first prize in the Leafwire Future of Cannabis Pitch Contest, when their CEO David Fleischer spent 3 minutes talking about Blue Moon CBD and a further 3 minutes dealing with Q & As.

As CBD and industrial hemp are not currently endorsed by the FDA, Blue Moon took the decision to market it’s CBD oil and other goods as being products that enhance wellness. Blue Moon Hemp only uses natural ingredients in its products so the CBD does not contain anything artificial or genetically altered.

The Blue Moon Hemp Tinctures


Blue Moon CBD tinctures or TruBlu tinctures are available in 4 different sizes, 500 mg, 1000 mg, 2000 mg, and 3000 mg. These range in price from $39 up to $149.

Blue Moon Hemp is unusual among CBD oil retailers as they sell 3003 mg bottles of the tincture. The tinctures are available in berry flavor or plain hemp flavor. All 4 sizes are supplied with 30 ml of liquid.

CBD Gummies

Blue Moon Hemp also sell CBD gummies in a variety of sizes with or without melatonin (to help people sleep). The 100 mg /12 pack costs $9.90, the 150 mg pack with melatonin at $14.90. The largest size is available in the 1000 mg pack, which costs $59.00.

Currently, the melatonin is only available in the 150 mg size, with all the packs offering really good value for money…

The Blue Moon Hemp E Liquids

For people who have vaporizers, Blue Moon Hemp has 5 different flavors of E-liquid available with each bottle containing a total of 1000 mg of CBD. The 5 flavors of liquid are Pure, Mango Moon, Red Devil, Kush as well as Flan.

These E liquids only contain natural products, and it is also the most cost-effective way of consuming up to 1 g of CBD oil at a time. All flavors of E-liquid should soon have customers fully relaxed.

What else can customers buy from Blue Moon Hemp?

Customers can also buy these products from Blue Moon Hemp:

* Pet tinctures

* Hemp shatters

* Hemp flowers

* CBD salves

The salve is a rub in a cream that is effective at relieving pain when rubbed into the painful areas such as joints.

To get the best value out of the CBD shatter it is recommended to use it as E-liquid.

Where to purchase Blue Moon Hemp from?

The best place to buy all Blue Moon Hemp products is directly from their website, to make sure that only original and high-quality products are being brought.

Summary of Blue Moon Hemp

Blue Moon Hemp sells a wide range of high-quality hemp and CBD products at reasonable prices.

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